Welcome to accessible travel in the Algarve

All the interesting places, historical monuments, attraction theme parks and even bird watching may be experienced on a common wheelchair or by slow walking elders.

The art of travelling brings you closer to other communities, the Algarve provides a lot to learn, taste and experience.

Thus we invite you to algarve accessible.

  You will not find the word disable any
where on this site apart from this once.

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Algarve Accessible - Home
Algarve Accessible - Home


The Algarve, an international tourist destination, rich in history and heritage, and not included in traditional guide-books, occupies the southern end of Portugal and all of Faro's district, with a area of 4995 km2. Represents 5.4% of the countries total surface, with the Alentejo region as it's northern border, separating the Andaluzia Community with the Guadiana river in the east, and the Atlantic ocean in the south and west.

'Europe's most famous secret'
source: VisitAlgarve.pt
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